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  • March 28, 2013 10:28 am
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Statistics is primarily concerned with making proper judgements when a person or company is presented with an argument supported by data. To make the proper use of data, one must always keep in mind the meaning of data. In this subject, variables are summarized and interpreted. Variables are presented in numbers form whose measurements depend on different objects at different times. Several variables can be measured at one time. For example, while analyzing group of people in an experiment, we should treat each person as one case, and the analysis should depend on certain variables like person’s height, weight, and hair color.

Content development in statistics includes collection of data and preparing an outline of current collecting areas. Content development ensures that various resources like book, journals and other kinds of material whether in hard copy or in soft copy, provides best value in academic and research terms. Content should be developed by keeping in mind the following things:

1) Prepare a plan

2) Having a clearly defined purpose

3) Identify the target audience

4) choose the type and forms of content.

Statistics play an important role in solving many business problems. It provides consistent data, which helps in answering many queries. The information provided by it is based on true events that occurred in the past.

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