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Dissertation is referred as a document, which is submitted in the fulfillment of the academic degree that includes research and findings. Dissertation is also termed as thesis in many countries. It is a part of the course work, but in some courses, it is linked with the work experience. It provides an opportunity to the students to undertake the independent research projects.

To conduct a dissertation, a research question is chosen, and the proposal is prepared for the thesis. Dissertation covers five chapters, such as, introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, and finally conclusion with recommendations. In the introduction section, the purpose of the research, along with aims and objectives are mentioned.

In the literature review, through-out literature search is done from various sources. Methodology section comprises of research methods like surveys, observations, experiments and interviews. In the discussion section, explanation is given about the results inferred from the literature review and conclusion is drawn. Conclusion section concludes the entire project and on the bases of conclusion, recommendations are given for further improvements .
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Dissertation Writing Help

A Thesis is a kind of a research paper consisting of a long essay on a particular subject as a requirement to get a doctor of Philosophy degree by a university. It is prepared by a researcher at any doctorate level course. It is a written project used for final assessment of a degree which includes different levels of study in different countries. The thesis, which at many places is also called thesis, provides an opportunity to the students to fill in the blanks between their theoretical learning and its practical implementation. It is a scholarly work conducted independently by the student which is under the direction of a full-time GSEP faculty member. A research paper includes the objective, approach, procedure, findings and conclusion of the research.

In thesis, the content for a research paper is made. This can be related to the background of subject matter of that research topic. Thesis development includes the detail of the subject on which the research is to be performed such as introduction, literature research approach, data collection, findings of the data collected, conclusions and the references used. The previously written articles and the literature review on that topic is done online in all the journal, articles, books and any relevant academic sources and then the selected content out of that literature is chosen and then the final dissertation is prepared.