Psd to Drupal: Create a competitive edge

  • 3yeshaa16
  • January 12, 2013 4:00 pm
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Psd to Drupal conversion has emerged as one of the highly sought methods of creating Drupal based websites due to its effectiveness and convenience in developing customized and suitable websites for various domains.

Drupal, one of the favorite content management systems across the globe has generated the need of converting Psd to Drupal on a large scale for managing the websites efficiently in order to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors. A Psd to Drupal theme provides you with an unmatched and unparalleled website fulfilling your purpose and pace with the dynamic web world with time.

In order to covert Psd to Drupal, the website is first designed in Photoshop, which is highly customized keeping in mind the objective of the website and recent trends of web development and design. The image file is then saved in a Psd format which enables you with the freedom of altering the designs if needed but is not compatible to the web and need to be converted into a proper format.

The first step of converting Psd to Drupal involves slicing the Psd files into different images for different sections. Once you save the images in a specific folder, the next step is to code the sliced images into some mark up language like HTML/XHTML. Converting Psd into HTML/XHTML is the most important phase of Psd to Drupal conversion and needs special attention. It is very important that the coding should be done by an expert Drupal developer to maintain the quality of the coding. A coder can use different semantic coding techniques to maintain the accuracy of the coding to enhance the chances of visibility of website for search engine optimization. Once, the coding has been completed, the codes undergo a validation process to avoid any errors that can create problem in future.

The next stage includes the conversion of Psd to CSS to complement the HTML/XHTML and define the visual attributes of the website with reference to the colour schemes, font styles and other aspects which allows the differentiation of designs and contents of the website and ensures the website is compatible to all web browsers.

The final stage includes the psd to Drupal integration by integrating all the HTML/XHTML and CSS files into a Drupal admin. Finally, the admin is linked to the website by creating various directories and sub-directories. Psd to Drupal integration allows the users to manage the website using easy and user friendly web interface without taking the burden of difficult coding.

If you are looking for Psd to Drupal conversion, it is highly recommended to hire an expert professional developer with in depth knowledge of Drupal platform and ample of experience in developing Psd to Drupal theme.