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Many organisations create their company domain along with the rest of their business. This way all the Search engine optimisation, social media marketing, link building and content marketing history is in their control. However, what will happen if you buy a pre-existing domain or buy a business and then make it your very own? This means however that the site’s link history will now become entwined with your own brand and SEO .

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Penguin update – Penguin was a Google algorithm update which was designed to reprimand sites using webspam tactics in the Search Engine Results. These cheeky tactics that people were employing included; overuse of exact match anchor text and building links from unrelated sites and blog networks. For those who feel they have been affected by the Penguin update – it’s essential that you conduct a full link audit and anchor text analysis. If you have purchased a pre-existing domain, it’s also essential that you conduct a link audit. Whether you can be bothered or not, you are now responsible for your new site’s link history! .

It is worth comparing this example to that of buying a property. For example – if you a purchasing a property that has had many previous owners, it’s likely to have experienced alot. When you view the property prior to purchase, you are sure to notice any obvious flaws at first glance, but you won’t really know if there’s any structural damage unless you pay for a surveyor to take a look. Let’s say having purchased the property, the boiler stops working within a few months of moving in. You couldn’t go back to your agent and say “But I’ve only been living here a few months. It’s not my fault the boiler has broke so I shouldn’t have to pay for it”. It’s your property, your boiler and your problem and the same goes for the pre-existing domain that you have purchased.

Bearing each of the following points in mind, when you buy a pre-existing domain, it’s completely necessary that you conduct a full link audit of the site’s link history. Each specific link should be visited in order to decide if it’s going to assist or obstruct your SEO. Any glaringly obvious problems ought to be dealt with ASAP in order to avoid getting any search engine penalties.

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