Using Social Signals for the Benefit of SEO

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  • January 11, 2013 1:35 pm
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What is too much for one business owner is super simple for another, and that exists for many reasons. There are people who started in business on the web back in the 1990s and eventually incorporated check it out into their operations, and they will confirm that all of that is totally normal. Once you get to a point where your business is in the black, then you will be in a position to hire contracted help – something that can have a dramatic affect on your business. If that is something that gets your attention, and it should, then you will be delighted to find out what is in store for you. It is never a good idea to run straight ahead before you really know the ins and outs of any technique or approach. When it comes to using freelance help, you have to plan well and know what is necessary to increase your chances of hiring the right people.

What you need to understand about social signals and SEO is there are many ways to create the conditions for those signals, or messages, to happen. You have the control of this. But, you cannot control where it comes from. It is your site users and social media fans and followers who will help you, or not. It all comes down to their experience with you and if they feel you have something truly valuable to offer.

Due to Google’s penguin update, there has been a ton of things that have changed. Of course, you discover that many things have not changed that drastically, but the biggest impact has to do with SEO and social signals. When you take Google out of the picture, you will see that nothing really changed. Also take into consideration that people and site traffic have an immense amount of control. The average person is sick of hearing about Twitter and Facebook, but they are still at the very top when it comes to social media. Another site is Yelp and it doesn’t get anywhere near the press the other two do. People who use these sites like to talk about their feelings and such. This is nothing new again, but it’s what Google pays attention to. Actually having never done business offline can be helpful to you since your only exposure will be doing it online. All kinds of businesses are coming and going, major policy changes at Google, Bing and other movers and shakers all have their effect.

We will say that a lot of times business on the net can have to adjust to changes due to so many people abusing something. We personally know how effective digital camera reviews can be in a business, but still you have to consider it against the backdrop of doing business on the web. When you analyze anything new for possible inclusion in your marketing arsenal, you need to be completely objective.

There are always two sides to any coin, and even though we urge caution we will also say to give something a shot if it is resonating with you enough.

If you are a smart blogger, you probably already have a social widget on your site. Go beyond the buttons and sharing icons, though, and you can also include an activity feed, recommended posts. Although you have analytics on your blog, does it have a feature that tracks the flow of social media traffic to your site? This is a necessity so that you can monitor the flow of social media traffic to and from your site. If social media widgets are missing from your blog, then you must add them ASAP! When bloggers claim that their traffic has picked up, it is normally because they just installed social media widgets on their website.

There are different methods for adding SEO elements to your social pages. First, your homepage should have link to your Facebook page. This is just the first thing that can be done. Then you can look around for plugins like Fan Box and add them to the mix. It is imperative that you engage social media in some way. You might be doing this already with sites like Facebook. Expose your brand on your social media accounts. This can be your name or your domain name, etc. Anything that has social related components has to be taken into account and then optimized for maximum ease of use. Optimizing does not imply the same things that are for SEO. At this time last year there was almost no talk about social signals. It didn’t take very long, however, for people to see that SEO and social media marketing are really closely related. The things that join them have gotten stronger so now you need to figure out how to use social signals for ranking and traffic.

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