Wizhunt Locals advertising and marketing solution combines a wide array of business, marketing and social media tools that help businesses quickly promote themselves without a monthly fee and without a cost per click. Wizhunt's social media autoposting in an average of 3 seconds can automatically post two months of social media without any cost per click and yet post deals with an automated call to action such as Click to Call and GMaps. Wizhunt provides a simple yet powerful platform for businesses to quickly create deals and coupons with an effective call to action and works for both online or local businesses. Wizhunt empowers businesses through a host of methodologies that include, but are not limited too social media automation/social media marketing, social onbording links, onsite seo, analytics, social media distribution analytics and reporting, customer retention strategies, automated emails, digital videos, mobile advertising, and much more.
Wizhunt - Advertising & Social Media Marketing Automation

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Advertising: Social Media Tools and Social Media Automation Solution for Deals and Coupons. Automated Social Media Marketing On Up to 50 Social Media Profiles

Wizhunt – Advertising & Social Media Marketing Automation

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